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It’s nice to see people create wordpress themes, but: I’d love to see those people make their themes localizeable!! O they are happy: I made a theme – but it is only in english – they did not read the manual for writing themes thorougly! That is, they did NOT make use of the gettext functions __( and _e(. If people would use localizeable themes they would have automatically reach a lot more people on the globe, and a lot more traffic and fame to their site…

Even at the WP themes site they don’t have no sort option for “internationalized theme“! I would like to see themes which already use the gettext functions __( and _e( ! Even if the theme would not have language file or a theme.pot file I could easily parse the files myself with for example poedit to create a .pot file which I then could start to translate into my own language.

(reference: Designing Themes for Public Release)

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