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It’s nice to see people create wordpress themes, but: I’d love to see those people make their themes localizeable!! O they are happy: I made a theme – but it is only in english – they did not read the manual for writing themes thorougly! That is, they did NOT make use of the gettext functions __( and _e(. If people would use localizeable themes they would have automatically reach a lot more people on the globe, and a lot more traffic and fame to their site…

Even at the WP themes site they don’t have no sort option for “internationalized theme“! I would like to see themes which already use the gettext functions __( and _e( ! Even if the theme would not have language file or a theme.pot file I could easily parse the files myself with for example poedit to create a .pot file which I then could start to translate into my own language.

(reference: Designing Themes for Public Release)

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WP theme >> Subtle

I found a nice new theme for wordpress named Subtle, supporting widgets and localization. There’s already a turkish .po/.mo file made and I translated it into german.

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line break problem

…and then the (unresolved) line break problem! Try
SHIFT + ENTER to get one LF – that may be easy… but to eliminate the unwanted line breaks! No chance! 👿

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It took me half an hour of searching with google under wordpress.org to find the solution for my problem: sorting pages setting Page Order field didn’t work as expected with widgets enabled under WP 2.1. I finally found it, … er,… one moment… here: baudesign’s comment! In widgets.php one has to change




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Posts in multiple languages are still not easily made under wordpress! Some tries were made with Polyglott and Language Picker but it’s not possible without mingle around in code. I wished there was a plugin or widget which could do it… A normal user won’t want to read thru lots of howtos or blogs which tell him to change code in that and that file! He well have trouble to update to a new version of WP later. I’m a german web-designer living in Turkey, can think in three languages and would like to write my blog in three languages too – without having to open three different sites or databases. 😐

Another multilingual plugin I tried out recently is Gengo… but… No! The concept looks actually quite promising but unfortunately it is not stable. Development and support seem to be frozen for months… conflicts with other plugins can occur… No! 😦

Update – after 2 years waiting ;-):

Finally there’s a very promising plugin called WPML – I can say: yes! It works. It still has some bugs but it is under steady development…

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